Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down

Overview: In "The New Science of Strong Materials" the author made plain the secrets of materials science. In this volume he explains the importance and properties of different structures.

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Book Description: Engineers will of course understand why the Greeks took the wheels off their chariots at night, why we get lumbago, why birds have feathers and how much science is involved in dressmaking as well as the strength of bridges, boats and aeroplanes. Professor Gordon explains all these things, showing how the need to be strong and to support various loads has influenced the development of all sorts of creatures and devices – including man. Lively and informative, this book describes the structural element in nature, technology and everyday life from modern viewpoints.

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  • Structures by James Edward Gordon
  • Title: Structures
  • Subtitle:Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down
  • Authors: J E Gordon
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Published Date: 1991-09-26
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  • Category: Science, Science,
  • Ratings Count: 4
  • Average rating: 4

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