Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

Overview: An allusive and integrative approach to individual, romantic, and career fulfillment ("Library Journal"), "The Three Marriages" explores the ways these core commitments are connected and how to bring them together into one fulfilled life.

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Book Description: Draws on the lives of some of the world’s forefront writers and activists to evaluate the intimate nature of human relationships with their significant others, their work, and their inner selves, explaining the importance of balancing one’s commitments to each.

Book Details

  • Title: The Three Marriages
  • Subtitle: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship
  • Authors: David Whyte
  • Publisher : Riverhead Trade (Paperbacks)
  • Published Date: 2010-01-31
  • Category: Religion, Business & Economics
  • Ratings Count: 1
  • Average rating: 4

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