The Great Exploration of the Different Paths That Make You You

Overview: Book is written like a choose-your-own adventure story and is called a gender adventure story by the author in the "how to read this book" segment.

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Book Description: A groundbreaking, creative new book that explores one of the most important, challenging, and fluid concepts in society today: Gender. Gender is at the forefront of our cultural landscape today. From pronouns to politics to pop culture, people are finally finding a new freedom in the fluidity of identity. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand, embrace, and intelligently discuss the many sides of gender. She/He/They/Me is a unique and engagingly creative take on an increasingly complex concept. A nontraditional, nonlinear structure allows readers to choose their own path, from a patriarchal culture to a scenario where sex doesn’t even exist, and beyond. This method of individual exploration will help readers gain the understanding and confidence they need to engage in meaningful conversations about gender.

Book Details

  • Title: She/He/They/Me
  • Subtitle: The Great Exploration of the Different Paths That Make You You
  • Authors: Robyn Ryle
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks
  • Published Date: 2019-03-05
  • Category: Society, Reference
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