The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work

Overview: Our goal in this book is to teach you how to figure out which emotions to toss, which to keep to yourself, and which to express in order to be both happier and more effective.

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Book Description: When it comes to emotions at work, there’s rarely a happy medium. Some offices are emotional deserts, where you suspect your coworkers might be robots. Others are filled with over-sharers who seem to know every detail of co-workers’ health, finances, and social media. Either extreme hurts employee health and productivity. Fosslien and Duffy look at how emotions affect our professional lives, and how we can navigate emotions at work. They show that is possible to embrace emotion at work and become more authentic and fulfilled– while staying professional. — adapted from publisher info

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  • Title: No Hard Feelings
  • Subtitle: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work
  • Authors: Rajshree Patel
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Published Date: 2019-12-31
  • Category: Career, Business & Economics
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