Overview: The Fortune 500 survey decided to choose a narrow definition of CSR spending,
with the aim of excluding corporate activity that was not genuinely philanthropic.
… but long-term shareholders increasingly see environmental and social
governance as a key indicator in terms of investment. … According to Steve
Overman, author of The Conscience Economy: How a Mass Movement for Good
is Great for …

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Book Description: Without a doubt, sponsorship is one of the most powerful promotional tools we have in the business of brand creation, brand recognition, and ultimately increasing sales. Moreover, brokering sponsors is a significant business in and of itself, something we often overlook. Considering sponsorship is a $50 billion a year market–and growing–marketers and students of business ignore its potential at the risk of missing hugely lucrative opportunities. To fail to understand sponsorship is to fail to understand marketing. If you’re looking for an introduction to this topic, most books available only address sports sponsorship: the largest section of the market perhaps, but by no means the only one. Kolah’s Improving the Performance of Sponsorship is a guide that examines all types of sponsorship, clearly explaining and defining its mechanics, advising on how to select the right properties, how to sell sponsorship, ethical issues, measurement and key legal principles. This book is all keen marketers will need for a thorough understanding of how sponsorship works.

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  • Title: Improving the Performance of Sponsorship
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  • Authors: Steven S. Overman
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published Date: 2015-06-12
  • Category: Nature, Business & Economics
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