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The people, the hype and the deals behind the giants of WEB 2.0

After the dot com crash, many people thought it was the end of the internet era. They were mistaken, as a new wave of internet initiatives have begun, focused on blogging, social networking and file sharing, and dubbed Web 2.0. Many of us are familiar with the sites of Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, but how did these phenomenons begin? And why are they so popular? This book explores the stories behind these sites, quashing the rumours and explaining how these internet giants began. It also uncovers the start-up stories behind Digg, Six Apart, Slide, Founders Fund, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, and Revision3. These compelling accounts are put together through interviews with the founders of these companies. Author, Sarah Lacy has reported on start-ups and venture capital for Business Week in Silicon Valley for nearly a decade and was one of the only journalists who stayed around after the dot com crash.

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Fast projects

Project Management When Time is Short

We are all faced with projects going off the rails, veering far from what we initially set out to do, costing ten times as much and taking far too long to complete – this is just part of everyday working life. Honing our general skills in project management seems like the obvious answer, but Fast Projects promises a quicker and easier solution – cutting the time to get projects done in the first place.Learning to operate within a short schedule not only cuts costs and improves revenue and cash flow, but it also sets you aside as a sharper and slicker operation. How to build, shorten and execute a realistic plan in the shortest time possible is covered in detail along with a specific focus on ensuring you have clearly defined goals and are making accurate project predictions with a successful tracking progress. Using worked examples and tried and tested techniques, Fast Projects is your practical guide to ensuring projects not only succeed, but are delivered early. If you want to get the most out of your team and take control of your workload, resources and time, this book is for you.

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Gigya Inc. is a technology company founded in Tel Aviv, Israel and headquartered in Mountain View, California with additional offices in New York, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Sydney. Gigya Inc. provides a Customer Identity and Access Management p

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How to make a fortune on the internet

1.Get an idea; 2. Register the name and build the website; 3. Develop products and services list to sell (optional); 4. Get traffic…

If you can point and click a mouse, type on a keyboard and have a basic grasp of the English language then you can make a fortune on the internet if you know what to do. This book will show you exactly what to do. You will learn how to: – Build a website and go live in 1 hour – Accept online payments and set up statements to track your income – Drive traffic to your site by getting your site listed instantly with the major search engines like Yahoo and Google. – Earn up to GBP10 per click every time someone clicks on your site – Earn up to GBP115 every time someone fills out a form on your site – Get other web publishers to sell your stuff – Create a database of readers you can profit from every time you update your site – Have a chat room, forum and video forum on your website for free – Automatically send out an email everyday with no input from you – Incorporate a search box on your site that makes you money every time someone searches – Add ready-made articles about your chosen subject to your site completely free – simply copy and paste!

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Lazy project manager

How to be twice as productive and still leave the office early

Peter Taylor reveals how adopting a more focused approach to life, projects and work can make you twice as productive. The lazy project manager illustrates how anyone can apply the simple techniques of lazy project management in their own activities in order to work more effectively and consequently improve work-life balance. This ‘productive laziness’ approach builds on the Pareto principle that states that for many phenomena, 80 per cent of consequences stem from 20 per cent of the causes. To put it simply, only 20 per cent of the things people do during their working days really matter. Inside this insightful and informative book you’ll discover: * The intelligence of laziness – why smart, lazy people have the edge over others; * Why the Jungle Book’s ‘Bare Necessities’ should be the productive lazy theme tune; * How to get the maximum output for a minimised input; * Quick tips to productive lazy heaven. Everyone wants to achieve more without chaining themselves to their desk. By concentrating your project management and learning to exercise effort where it really matters, you can learn to work smarter. Welcome to the home of ‘productive laziness’.

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Lean startup

How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses

The Lean Startup is a new approach to business that’s being adopted around the world. It is changing the way companies are built and new products are launched. The Lean Startup is about learning what your customers really want. It’s about testing your vision continuously, adapting and adjusting before it’s too late. Now is the time to think Lean.

Lean startup is a methodology for developing businesses and products, which aims to shorten product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning. The central

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