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Book Description: Multimedia” and “interactivity are the poster kids for ebooks’ potential, but how do they really make books better? Breaking the Page delivers an inspirational answer, filled with real-world examples that demonstrate how innovators are fulfilling screen publishing’s promise without botching the reading experience. Every digital book ingredient gets a deep-tissue inspection. From navigational dashboards to new kinds of indexes, from animated typography to stop-motion tutorials, Breaking the Page maps out how to conceive reader-friendly productions. Above all, it’s a skeptic’s design guide—as much about what to leave out as what to put in. It will challenge you to think about adding enhancements not simply because you can but, instead, only when you should. Coverage includes advice on how to: Integrate audio, links, and motion so they partner with prose rather than distract from it Design content to match the reader’s mindset—from info snackers to patient perusers Compose for the traditional page as well as the “infinite canvas” Instrument “smarter” books that aid memory and assist comprehension Conceive multi-state graphics and customizable charts Embed social tools to harness reader enthusiasm while respecting their need to focus Make sense of everything from eInk to ePub, and from app books to books in browsers This free Preview Edition is a three-chapter sampling of the full book. You’ll find thought-provoking looks at why readers browse, navigate, and search, and the unique ways that digital productions can service these needs. Loaded with best practice case studies, this book belongs on the screen of anyone who cares about how we will communicate ideas in the 21st century.

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  • Title: Breaking the Page: Preview Edition
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  • Authors: Peter Meyers
  • Publisher : O’Reilly Media, Inc.
  • Published Date: 2011-12-02
  • Category: Society, Computers
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